Copeland's Inc.
    4041 South Padre Island Drive
    Corpus Christi,Texas  78411

  Texas Oldest Dive Shop  
Southernmost Ski Chalet
    Hours:  Mon-Fri:10am-6pm      Sat:9am-5pm      Sun:Closed
We sell, rent and repair SCUBA equipment, and carry an impressive line of
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Water classes, Specialty Courses,
 Dive Trips and more.

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     Scubapro Aladin Square computer         Scubapro Meridian dive computer        Scubapro Chromis dive computer
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                                                SCUBA Rental & Trade-in Sale.
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               Air, Nitrox, and Oxygen fills!!
Got a SCUBA(Yoke or DINN), Paintball, SCBA, "Spare-Air", Nitrox, or
                              Oxygen bottle you need filled or serviced? We can do it!

                We can fill a variety of compressed gas bottles with pressures up to 4500psi, including Air, NITROX and Oxygen.
                                 (NITROX and Oxygen fills require proof of certification). Pricing varies. We do not fill CO2. 

    *Please note the highlighted lines on the analysis below. Our air in ANDI certified, meaning it can be
   used for blended gasses. Our air is dried to a -99 dewpoint, meaning it is dry enough to qualify for
                                                   medical or aviation applications.

        Need a hydrostatic test, Eddie-current test, or visual inspection on your cylinder? We can handle that too, so come see us!

                                   Trace Analytics, LLC current 'Analysis Certificate'
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